About Us

RusAgroHolding Ltd. was established as a progressive and energetic structure with experience in using modern, high-quality technologies.

The mission of the company is to create an effective high-tech manufacturing enterprise that offers consumers high quality products that are necessary and available to consumers.

The marketing strategy is to create a high-tech factory for processing and selling agricultural crops for export, including receiving, cleaning, drying, fine cleaning, calibration, packaging, niche crops (chickpea, lentils, beans, peas, beans, mustard1a, linseed) with production capacity up to 210 tons per year.
The experts of RusAgroHolding Ltd. together with their foreign experts from Germany apply European standards in their work and use only the most proven and high technologies in the production of agricultural products, they combine advanced technological innovations with their own experience in production, skillfully combining technology, modern equipment, machinery and effective methods of solutions.

Behind our company stands the experience of professional work and proven, developed structure that allows us to combine the most modern methods and gives us the opportunity to achieve economical, qualitative and improved performance of tasks in production, obtaining a guaranteed result within the allocated budgets, with the established standards of quality and in accordance with the deadlines.

We take care of your health and quality, consumed products, paying primary attention to environmentally pure agro-industrial production and our service.